A Clean Start

January 04, 2021 1 min read

A Clean Start

We’re pretty sure that most people are glad 2020 is over. From early on in the unfolding pandemic a lot of people were already viewing the arrival of 2021 as a fresh start, and a source of optimism. Whilst we can start to be hopeful, there’s a lot of precautions and restrictions still in place. Following a (remote) office poll, we’ve put together some new year’s resolutions that we’re striving for to have our own clean start to the year.

“Instead of a single resolution, I’m resolving to retain the level of hygiene processes we’ve had to implement, to keep away the cold, flu and other nasties”

“Dry January is my way of a clean start this year”

“My resolution is to make sure to pack my handbag properly when I leave the house. Mask, CCL Slimline hand sanitiser is the minimum, and when I remember, Chloroskyn. It’s so much kinder to my skin”

“I’m going to attempt the Couch to 5K I think…at least to get further than downloading the app”

“I’m doing a 26 mile hike in July”

“Not to run out of Chloroskyn! My hands were so dry from alcohol hand sanitiser. I use so much hand cream… so to keep stocked up with Chloroskyn Hand and Skin Sanitiser which will reduce the need for that”

“Ditto about using Chloroskyn, so the eczema on my hands doesn’t get out of control”

What are your New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Make a clean start with our products.

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