Are disinfection products still necessary once you’ve had your vaccination?

April 15, 2021 2 min read

Are disinfection products still necessary once you’ve had your vaccination?

 As more positive news is reported about the success of our vaccination programme, we’re also being reminded about the importance of continuing to follow the current national guidance. Even if you’ve had your vaccination you still need to practice social distancing and keep hands and surfaces clean. Most of us have been using more hand sanitisers and stronger surface disinfectants for the past year, but are these still necessary?

The current government guidelines suggests we still need to keep high levels of hygiene to ensure the levels of Covid-19 remain manageable.

The vaccine is not immediately effective

It can take a few weeks for your body to develop a level of immunity so people may still be vulnerable.

We don’t know if it will reduce transmission

It is not yet known whether the vaccine can stop you catching the virus. There is also not enough evidence to suggest there is reduction in transmitting Covid-19 to others. We’re advised to act as if we were contagious, even if we’re fully vaccinated

No vaccine is 100% effective

Herd immunity has not yet been achieved, meaning there are still people who would be extremely vulnerable if they are exposed to the virus


Currently we’re seeing a number of Covid-19 mutations. These could be more transmittable and be resistant to the vaccine.

If we properly disinfect our surroundings we can keep transmission rates low and reduce the risk of mutations This can help the vaccination programme be more effective.

Our products are easy to fit into your cleaning routine.

Chloroskyn and Hypurazone are:

  • Non-irritating and kind to skin
  • Contain all-natural ingredients
  • 9999% effective at killing pathogens
  • Non-toxic
  • Fast acting
  • Ideal for surface and skin disinfection

Find out more here.

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