CCL: Made in Britain

November 30, 2020 1 min read

CCL: Made in Britain

We are really proud to be part of the UK manufacturing industry. Having our base here in Britain ensures a number of benefits which are often overlooked – especially when we hit a crisis like the current pandemic.

We make our products in the UK and that ensures:

  • Quality can be closely controlled and maintained to the high standards we demand
  • Quicker delivery
  • Reduced carbon footprint as delivery locations are significantly closer
  • Smaller order quantities are possible as delivery costs are lowered
  • Supports UK economy
  • Reduces risk in the supply chain

All of these benefits have become increasingly important over this past year, in particular the need to reduce risk in your supply chain. The effects of Covid-19 has been obvious across many businesses. Subsequently there have been longer delivery and manufacturing times, and limited supplies. In addition to that, we now face the upcoming prospect of further Brexit-related uncertainty and unpredictability. Whilst no business can mitigate against all risks, our UK operation goes a long way to reassure customers, so we can continue to deliver our high-quality products and support the UK economy.

Browse our website for our products and look out for the Made in Britain sticker that we’re proud to display.

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