Covid-19 in the News

November 03, 2020 2 min read

Covid-19 in the News

Most days we’ve been reminded about the best practices for washing hands and surfaces to slow transmission of the virus. Many people have followed these guidelines to protect themselves and others. And then in October headlines said that the Covid virus survives for 28 days.

We’re sure we weren’t the only ones who felt a sinking feeling as we saw this headline, wondering how it would be possible to control, contain or eliminate something that seems so resilient. Hopefully, if you read on you learnt the full context of the story – however so many people only read a headline – especially if it’s something we’d prefer wasn’t real. For those who skipped the detail we’ve done a quick summary which we hope will dispel a bit of doom and gloom.

  • ‘Lab conditions’ is an important caveat – the experiment was conducted in the dark, and UV light has been shown to kill the virus
  • The temperature and humidity was carefully controlled
  • Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through droplet expulsion (coughs, sneezes) rather than on surfaces
  • The virus they used to test was not studied in fresh human mucus, a much more inhospitable environment for the virus

All of these points mean that the experiment does not replicate the circumstances the virus would have to survive in when in the natural environment, and therefore 28 days of survival only needs to be considered a ‘worst case scenario’ when all the conditions are just right for the virus.

It does remind us though that we still need to be vigilant in our hygiene practices.

Our products, Chloroskyn and Hypurazone, are designed to make skin or surfaces an inhospitable place for the virus. Their use can drastically reduce this experimental finding of 28 days of survival in lab conditions, to killing coronavirus within 60 seconds of contact. Protecting you from avoidable transmission, yet remaining non-toxic and non-irritating to both humans and animals.

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