High Risk Areas

November 09, 2020 2 min read

High Risk Areas

As time goes on, we’re becoming more familiar with the areas within the home or workplace that are more high risk for possible transmission of Covid-19:

  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Shared equipment such as pens
  • High use items such as the microwave, fridge, kettle
  • Phones
  • Hand towels

We’ve put together a 5 step guide  to reassure you that it is possible to practice good hygiene quickly and easily, so that you can feel safe in your workplace or when visiting friends and family (once we’re out of lockdown or localised restrictions):

  1. Identify problem areas

These are high traffic areas that are often touched and possibly by more than one person, such as those listed above

  1. Spray Hypurazone on to problem areas

Our powerful surface disinfectant is safe for use on all surfaces

  1. Leave for at least 60 seconds

Pathogens are killed within this time. Our Hypurazone product is 100x more effective than household bleach

  1. Wipe off surfaces if necessary

Hypurazone is safe, non-irritating and non-toxic to humans and animals, however, you may wish to wipe off any metal surfaces that may be affected by salt content

  1. Repeat in other areas as often as needed

This quick disinfection method is easy and takes minimal time but is hugely reassuring, especially when combined with all other distancing guidelines and mask wearing where appropriate.

For greater protection from pathogens and coronaviruses, Hypurazone can be used within our nebuliser to disinfect a whole room and its contents in a safe and easy way. Find out more here


You can try Hypurazone here or give us a call today to chat with one of our experts about how our disinfectants could benefit you and/or your business.

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