'It reassures the team'

December 21, 2020 2 min read

'It reassures the team'

For today’s blog post we must thank Valiant Design for kindly sending us their review of our CCL products, and how they’ve utilised them to ensure safe working practices in the recent months.

“Why did we purchase the products?

We were keen to find a way to work as safely as possible, which for us included finding products that would disinfect and kill coronaviruses. However, we are also very mindful of which areas are of high use in our office, and this included the kitchen, so it was important to find a disinfectant that is not harmful. We had the additional consideration of an office dog and needed to make sure any products used would not cause harm to our two or four legged colleagues.

What products we selected?

Valiant purchased CCL Chloroskyn hand and skin sanitiser, which has been great as it doesn’t irritate or dry our hands. We are using it a lot as a result!

We also purchased the surface sanitiser Hypurazone which we could use for spot cleaning on surfaces. We also invested in the nebuliser, which has been brilliant for quick and thorough disinfection of a room before and after use. Although we are holding very few meetings, when we do require one, we are able to disinfect the room before and after use to protect clients and ourselves. It really reassures the team.

These products, along with screens, partitions, strict distancing instructions and open windows, have meant we have thankfully had no cases of Covid-19 with any of our team or clients who have visited the workplace.”

If your workplace could benefit from CCL products, drop us an email at customer.services@contaminationcontrolltd.co.uk or give call us on 01252 279379.

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