It's Still Winter

February 04, 2021 2 min read

It's Still Winter

Here at CCL we’re all counting down to the 20th March and the start of spring. In the meantime, it’s still winter, a fact we’re probably all too aware of at the moment. The chilly temperatures and biting winds are a daily reminder that it’s much warmer and cosier inside. It’s the season of sore throats, coughs and runny noses, and this year, Covid-19.

So why do we seem to be ill more during the winter months? It’s not actually the chilly weather making us ill directly but actually the effect of the temperature on bacteria and viruses. In the cold weather, viruses are better able to survive and proliferate more effectively. For example, in colder temperatures, the flu virus has a firmer and less penetrable protective layer, making it easier for it to linger and spread to others.

Additionally, our immune systems are under more stress at this time of year. Our noses are constantly secreting mucus, trapping dirt and germs. Tiny hairs called cilia line our nasal passages, which help move those trapped germs into our stomachs where the acid can then kill the germs. However, if the air temperature is colder, and the nasal passage is cooled, mucus clearance is reduced, meaning bacteria and viruses have a better chance to penetrate this defence mechanism. Once this happens, our immune system takes over, but in cold temperatures they are less effective.

The combination of the effect cold temperatures have on the survival rate of germs, and how it weakens our ability to fight them off, means our risk of infections increase, and we are subject to more sniffles.

What can we do to avoid the winter bugs?

  • Maintain a frequent hand washing routine with soap and water
  • Avoid others who may be sick to avoid spreading infections
  • Ensure surfaces are kept clean as germs can survive for a period of time

CCL products are ideal additions to your cleaning routines for yourself and your environment to help minimise the risk of infections. Our skin and surface disinfectants are powerful and effective at killing viruses, including coronaviruses, and bacteria, whilst also remaining non-toxic and non-irritating to humans and pets. Find out more information on our products here.

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