Nebulisers: How they work, and their benefits

September 23, 2020 2 min read

Nebulisers: How they work, and their benefits

We are becoming increasingly conscious of the nooks and crannies in our environments that could be harbouring pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. These germs can reach surfaces and multiply a lot faster than we’re able to manually clean them away. To attempt to maintain the high standard of cleanliness we now expect in public spaces in this way would be hugely expensive and unrealistic. There is an alternative to carrying out a physically laborious deep clean, which is to use a nebuliser.

CCL Nebuliser Fogging Machine

A nebuliser is a small machine that turns a liquid into a mist, by creating micro droplets as it is sprayed out of the nozzle. These are then dispersed into the air. This machine, used in combination with a chemical solution, is often used for pest control, and is an increasingly popular means of sanitising surfaces. The machine works by using pressure to create a fine mist or fog, which can be applied to a target area or room, reaching into corners and other otherwise difficult to reach surfaces.


  • Capable of destroying airborne pathogens
  • Saves on time
  • Saves labour costs
  • More efficient and effective
  • Can be used in a large number of environments
  • Can be used regularly to ensure standard of sanitisation is maintained

When used in conjunction with Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant, this is a powerful pairing able to deliver fast, effective and safe sanitisation to a variety of sized areas. Compared to household bleach, Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant is 100x more effective than household bleach, and is capable of killing 99.9999% of all germs on contact. As this formula contains natural ingredients which can be used without the use of personal protective equipment, downtime for cleaning is minimised. Once an area is dry after misting, that space is ready to be used again.

Hypurazone Surface Disinfectant

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