Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

April 07, 2021 2 min read

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s blog post we’re taking the opportunity to answer some of your questions. These are the ones we hear the most:  

What is hypochlorous acid?
Hypochlorous acid is electronically activated water. It’s like the water we would usually use, but with a different electrical potential. Despite the word ‘acid’ in the name, it is still within the range where you would classify drinking water.

See our blog ‘What is hypochlorous acid (HOCl)?’ for more details.

Can CCL products protect us from Covid-19?
Research conducted on other coronaviruses has been published, showing promising results following the application of hypochlorous acid. With the application of a low concentration, hypochlorous acid is able to inactivate the virus in 10 minutes. At a higher concentration this can be less than 60 seconds. Due to the similarity of the structures and the action of this solution, we expect a similar effect against Covid-19.

See our blog ‘What can Hypochlorous acid protect us from?’ for more details on its other uses.

 Is this safe for use in my home?
Absolutely. Our products containing hypochlorous acid are a non-toxic alternative to bleach-based disinfectants. We use ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin, and do not require PPE when in use. It is child-friendly, pet-friendly and is suitable for use in the kitchen around food stuff.

For more insight into just how useful our products are for your home, read our piece ‘Why CCL is great for food environments’.

Why are the bottles black and opaque?
This question is often associated with the one above. Many of you feel that our products look like they’re for professional disinfection rather than domestic cleaning and hand sanitising. This has become a common misunderstanding. We use opaque bottles out of necessity to ensure that the natural ingredients inside are protected from UV which could affect the solution. Our priority is to make sure our products are of the highest quality and can protect you in professional and home environments in a natural, safe and effective manner.

Did we miss your question? Get in touch by leaving a comment below or email us and we will answer the best we can. Otherwise, find out more about our full product range here.

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