Reassurance in the workplace

August 25, 2020 2 min read

Reassurance in the workplace

As time passes, and it’s clear that Covid-19 is with us long term, individual’s other than keyworkers are making the move back into the workplace. It is likely that many employees are understandably anxious about possibly contracting the virus, infecting others, and many may be concerned for their financial stability. We’ve come up with the following list that will help ease businesses back into post-lockdown routine, whilst maintaining employee reassurance that they are being appropriately looked after.

Listen to their concerns

Make sure any anxieties are listened to and taken seriously. Reassure them that their feelings are natural, and if they have any feedback this could prove instrumental in informing your strategy for returning to the workplace.

Keep them informed

Individuals will already be following up to date media on the situation, but employees will also want to be up to date with how Covid-19 is affecting their workplace. Keeping them up to date with what measures you’re implementing will stop staff from assuming the worst.

Be flexible

This is a good time to be reassessing how the business can conduct itself with employees working remotely. Some individuals may wish to self-isolate, or sickness policies may need adjusting to accommodate periods of illness and quarantine. By reducing pay during these times, you may be encouraging individuals to come into the workplace when they otherwise should not. The balance needs to be found between ensuring minimal disruption to the business, whilst also making sure employees are happy to isolate or quarantine themselves when needed.

Preventative measures

It is essential to keep up to date with the latest government advice on working safely during the pandemic.

Current advise stipulates:

  • Carrying out a covid-19 risk assessment
  • Develop cleaning and hygiene procedures
  • Help people work from home
  • Maintain 2 metres social distancing where possible
  • Where this is not possible, manage transmission risk


How can we help you achieve these steps?

We have a range of products that can support your necessary planned preventative measures.

We have two hand sanitising products to supplement staff hand washing hygiene practices, including Chloroskyn Skin Sanitiser, a safe and natural alternative to alcohol based sanitisers, and the Slimline Hand sanitiser, which is perfectly pocket-sized to ensure your employees have access to sanitisation on the go.  For workplace cleaning, we have developed Hypurazone Surface Disinfectant, a powerful product that is suitable for any hard and soft surfaces, killing pathogens in less than 60 seconds. Finally, for situations where social distancing is not possible, we also stock face visors and masks to manage transmission in your workplace, and help reassure your employees that you’re taking their well-being seriously.


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