What's the difference between a nebuliser and a fogger?

October 08, 2020 2 min read

What's the difference between a nebuliser and a fogger?

Since the pandemic started there’s been a whole raft of terminology being commonly used that many of us were unaware of previously. Some people have heard of fogging before – especially when harsh chemicals are used to eliminate pests – and you must avoid the room or building in which they are used. You may be familiar with the term nebuliser when used in association with an inhaler for people who need to get a thin mist of a specific drug into their airways.

But now we have nebulisers versus foggers as tools to help eliminate coronaviruses and other pathogens. So if they are being used to achieve similar outcomes what are the key differences?

Both machines create droplets, but each can create different sized droplets, which in effect changes the performance of this method of disinfecting an area.

Does size matter?

Droplets expelled by a fogging machine are much larger in diameter and therefore do not travel as far before reaching a surface. To effectively cover a room, you would need to move the machine around to fog target areas. This method is not recommended around sensitive equipment, like computers and other technology, and depending on the chemical being sprayed, may require PPE or for you to leave the room whilst it is in progress.

A nebuliser machine creates a mist of very small droplets, also known as a dry mist. As the droplets are smaller in diameter compared to those created by a fogging machine, they are able to drift further through a room having been propelled from the nebuliser. There are many benefits to this method:

  • The nebuliser can be left to cover a target area without being supervised
  • It is safe to use the nebuliser with people in the room (although they may get a little damp)
  • Every exposed surface within the room will be covered
  • Suitable for closed environments
  • Can be used in areas with sensitive equipment, such as computers

So why choose a CCL nebuliser?

At CCL our nebuliser system benefits from all of the advantages that come with creating a finer droplet mist. When combined with Hypurazone, our powerful, non-toxic surface disinfectant, you can achieve fast and safe disinfection of a room with minimal labour and inconvenience. Our customers have been hugely reassured that they can safely use our combined system in schools, veterinary practices, dental practices, food preparation areas and workplaces – because of the natural, non-toxic ingredients in Hypurazone.



Find out more about the CCL nebuliser machine here or drop us an email or ring our team if you’d like any more information.

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