Will our behaviour have changed forever?

April 30, 2021 2 min read

Will our behaviour have changed forever?

This is a question we’ve all considered recently.

Will things ever be the same again? Or are some of our behaviours and experiences changed forever?

This is by no means a simple question, as we have all experienced a dramatic change in circumstances, all in many different ways. Some things that have changed will bounce back in the short and medium term, but what will leave a lasting impression? We’re aware with all types of change there can be positive and negative aspects of course, but for now it’s interesting to consider.


We’ve been surrounding by the language of covid-19 in the media this past year. We’re now all fluent in previously obscure technical terms such as:

  • Community transmission
  • Pandemic
  • R number
  • Self-isolate
  • Viral load
  • Social distancing

Whilst our slang terms have been updated to include example such as:

  • ‘maskne’ – spots on the face that develop from wearing a mask
  • ‘WFH’ – working from home
  • ‘Blursday’ – an unspecified day during the disorientating time of lockdown
  • ‘Coronacoaster’ – the fast-changing nature of mood and experiences

Some of these terms may continue to be commonplace, whilst others are an interesting snapshot of a very specific time in the past year.


Many of us are now acutely aware of the presence of an invisible threat. It is likely that a large number of the population will be more risk averse and fearful of previously unchallenging situations. In previously mundane or every day tasks and experiences, health considerations are now a huge factor in our decision making. The prospect of bookings holidays for example, whilst for relaxation and pleasure could become a more disconcerting experience. There will be a lingering fragility for many individual’s mental health over the coming years.

Hopefully the patience and compassion we’ve demonstrated during this time is one thing that will endure as those around us start to find their feet again at their own pace.

Going Virtual

We’ve proved it’s possible! A large number of us were able to skip the commute, and were working at home, connected to our colleagues via screens. It is a much debated topic, whether or not this will prompt a dramatic shift in flexible working practices, but one aspect that really could change the meaning of a working day for a lot of people.

This has also highlighted the importance of home, and it being a safe and pleasurable space now that we’re spending more time there.

We know that the feelings of safety and fears of infection are affecting a lot of aspects in our lives right now. Our range of products are easily assimilated into everyday life and can help give you a boost of confidence and a feeling of safety. Browse our range here.


What changes do you think will stick around for the long term? It would be really interesting to hear your thoughts, please do share in the comments below.

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