Nebuliser Benefits

What is a Nebuliser and how does it work?

A nebuliser is a small, versatile machine that turns a liquid into a mist, by creating micro droplets. These are then dispersed into the air. This machine, used in combination with a chemical solution, is often used for pest control, and is an increasingly popular means of sanitising surfaces.

The machine works by using pressure to create a fine mist or fog, which can be applied to a target area. The density of the droplets can be moderated with a manual valve, depending on the desired effect. This fine, airborne mist makes it easy to cover a large room, reaching into corners and other otherwise difficult areas, including porous surfaces.

Benefits of a Nebuliser:
  • Destroys airborne viruses, including coronaviruses
  • Saves on time compared to conventional deep cleans
  • More efficient and effective, as sanitising solution is able to reach into hard to reach places
  • When used with the right chemical solution, this sanitisation technique is a safer alternative to others. We recommend the use of Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant.

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