Nebuliser FAQ


Will it be harmful if I am in the room when it is sprayed?
This situation depends on the chemical solution selected to use in conjunction with the nebuliser. We recommend the use of CCL Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant as a non-toxic alternative to many other products. Whilst it is effective against pathogens, it also requires no personal protective equipment to apply this method of sanitisation. Once the room is dry after misting, then that space is ready to be used again.
Is it as effective as some of the harsh chemical foggers on the market?
When used in conjunction with CCL's Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant, it becomes a powerful combination. Compared to household bleach, CCL Hypurazone™, which uses hypochlorous acid,  is 100x more effective than household bleach and is capable of killing 99.9999% of all germs on contact. Additionally, due to the non-toxic formulation, this method can be implemented in a larger variety of settings.
Is this suitable for use even if my office has IT equipment and other technology?
The CCL Nebuliser is different from most standard fogging machines in that they are able to create what is known as a ‘dry mist’. This consists of much smaller droplets. By being smaller they are able to disperse better through a room, has a larger range and does not require being directed at a particular surface. Therefore, only a super fine mist, rather than a heavier damp coating, is needed to cover the target area and is better suited if there is sensitive equipment present.
Our nebuliser has a manual valve which is able to alter the density of the droplets depending on your desired effect.
How long does it take to sanitise a room?
This depends on the size of the room, as the larger it is, the further the mist needs to disperse. Small areas, such as the inside of a vehicle, will require a much shorter amount of time. The selected size of droplets will also alter the required length of time. Typically, to comprehensively cover a 4x5m room will take 2-3 minutes, followed by an additional period to allow droplets to settle on surfaces.
How often can I use the CCL Nebuliser?
As often as required.
Is a CCL Nebuliser suitable for my business premises?
The CCL Nebuliser is a really effective way to disinfect your workplace as it works very quickly and does not need the operator to wear any PPE (when combined with our hypochlorous acid product Hypurazone) - it can even be used in rooms between meetings.  Used in conjunction with the natural CCL Hypurazone™ disinfectant, this method is safe, non-toxic, requires less labour cost and is more environmentally friendly than most other bleach cleaning products.
Can you adjust the droplet density of the spray
Droplet density can be altered by a valve to achieve the desired heaviness of the mist. This will alter the range, which can be between 16.5-32ft depending on valve setting and ventilation, amongst other variables. We advise that the larger the liquid droplets, the shorter the range, and that finer mists of smaller droplets are better suited to areas that may contain sensitive equipment, such as computers.
Will the spray harm children or animals?
This is dependent on what chemical solution is paired with the nebuliser machine. Always check the specific ingredients and instructions. However, if you want to ensure you have a spray which will not harm children, pets, adults - and can even be used in food prep areas then choose the CCL natural hypochlorous acid based product Hypurazone™ Disinfectant. This is an alcohol-free formula, which contains natural ingredients and can be applied without the use of personal protective equipment. It is non-toxic to humans and animals, and environmentally friendly.

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