CCL Nebuliser & Hypurazone Surface Disinfectant Package

Our new Nebuliser helps you to quickly and safely disinfect your workplace, home or vehicle.

The CLL nebuliser is an alternative to most fogging machines, and enables you to spray a room with disinfectant both effectively and efficiently. Combined with Hypurazone Surface Disinfectant, 99.9999% of surface pathogens can be killed in less than 60 seconds, including coronaviruses. This is 100x more effective than household bleach, whilst remaining non-toxic and pet friendly.

Our Nebuliser and Hypurazone package:
• Minimises workplace downtime – return to the room in minutes
• Enables you to mist more frequently for added safety
• Is safe enough to use in food preparation areas
• Uses all-natural ingredients
• Is safe enough to use in areas with children and pets
• Can be used in areas with sensitive equipment like computers
• Enables you to easily get into all the nooks and crannies 
• Does not need you to wear PPE through application

Which disinfectant products should I use?

The chemical solution selected to use in combination with the nebuliser sanitising method needs to be carefully considered. The spray can linger in the air, meaning that depending on the chemicals used, this could result in individuals inhaling unpleasant chemicals as treatment is underway. Some chemicals may require time for the solution to settle for it to be effective, and individuals will need to be kept clear from the area.

If used in conjunction with appropriate formulas, such as Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant, this misting technique can be executed quickly and efficiently.

A wide variety of pathogenic viruses can be killed in under 5 minutes, leaving surfaces clean and safe for human contact, and safe to use in hospital and medical environments and food preparation areas. The contents in Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant are non-toxic and pet friendly, making it ideal for all settings listed above to disinfect airborne and surface pathogens.

Each of our CCL Nebulisers come with 5 Ltr Hypurazone to set you on your way. Hypurazone™ Surface Disinfectant is available to buy in various sizes on our website, along with more information on the product formulation, safety, and effectiveness.

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