Face Visor CCL230

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The CCL 230 face visor is designed to create a barrier between the user and any airborne aerosols emitted from other people.

The CCL230 has been designed to allow visibility and facial communication while offering full-face protection.

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Made in the UK for your protection:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to breathe
  • Maximum visibility
  • Eye and mouth protection

Easy to assemble and comfortable to wear simply follow these steps

vertically. 2 and 3 are orientated verticallyAssemble on a clean surface.

1. Stand the shield in an upright position with location holes upper most.
2. Insert one of either the first or last clips on the headband into the appropriate locator hole on the shield.
3. Flex the shield towards the headband and push the remaining three clips into the relevant holes. Please note that clips 1 and 4 are orientated horizontally and the middle clips 2 and 3 are orientated vertically.
4. Choose the most comfortable retaining band, green or black, place them in the loops at the back.
5. Don the visor by holding the headband by the hooks at the back with both hands and placing the inside surface of the coloured headband against your forehead.

All CCL230 components are recyclable and the retainer band can be reused.

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